The Citizen Media Collective (CMC) is an autonomous group of writers, photographers, independent journalists, film makers, internet users, social media experts and others, collectively identifying as citizen media, in Melbourne, Australia.

The CMC co-ordinates participating citizen media to be present in varying capacities at community events and actions in Melbourne and Victoria to capture images, write articles, livetweet, livestream and other supportive methods of community story-telling.

It also provides skill-sharing and training to it’s participants and the broader community, and acts as a resource hub on the broader media in general.

If you would like to participate in the Citizen Media Collective or want to know how it can support your event or action please contact us.


One thought on “About

  1. I am writing on behalf of UK Friends of WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks is an important media organistion which aims to promote greater transparency and accountability of the powerful structures in our society in an effort to strengthen democracy and uphold global human rights. WikiLeaks serves a complex and multifaceted function in our society that goes beyond the specific leaks themselves. The impact of WikiLeaks provides us with the means to make up our own minds and reminds us that, in approaching democracy, this is a necessity.

    Currently Julian Assange, the editor in chief of WikiLeaks, is facing extradition to Sweden and is seeking political asylum. He has been under house arrest in the UK for over 550 days. This is happening despite their being no charge against him.Global friends of WikiLeaks (and many others) believe that the unusual way this case is being played out is due to a wider, political, agitation against Julian Assange and his work with WikiLeaks. It is noteworthy that the UK government has not issued a statement on this case.
    Please help support our latest attempt in supporting Julian Assange, his work, and the freedom of us all who wish to fight for democracy. We have penned an updated letter to UK Prime Minister David Cameron in response to the UK Supreme Court decision to extradite Julian to Sweden.

    The UK Government are in a position to override the UKSC and assert parliamentary sovereignty. There is more about how you can help promote the letter here at our blog:


    Please put this up at your site, circulate and draw attention to it whenever possible. We have a limited time before the extradition process starts; this could be an important attempt in halting this.

    Get in touch if you need anything further,


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